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  • 05/25/13--04:07: Hitch-Hike
  • Hitch-Hike (Italian: Autostop rosso sangue), also known as Death Drive and The Naked Prey, is a 1977 Italian crime/revenge film directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile. It stars Franco Nero and Corinne Cléry as a couple in a troubled marriage, and David Hess as a fugitive who takes them hostage. The distinctive musical score... Read More ›

    mondozillaImagehitch4hich2hitch1hitch13hitch16death drive screen shothitch15hitch9death drivehitch5hitch8hitch10hitch12hitch14hitch11mondozillaImagehitch4hich2hitch1hitch13hitch16death drive screen shothitch15hitch9death drivehitch5hitch8hitch10hitch12hitch14hitch11

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  • 06/09/13--05:36: Cannibal Holocaust
  • Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 Italian cannibal film directed by Ruggero Deodato (House on the Edge of the Park) from a screenplay by Gianfranco Clerici, starring Carl Gabriel Yorke, Robert Kerman, Francesca Ciardi, Perry Pirkanen and Luca Giorgio Barbareschi. Cannibal Holocaust was filmed in the Amazonian rainforest with real indigenous tribes interacting with American... Read More ›

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  • 06/14/13--01:45: The New York Ripper
  • The New York Ripper (Italian: Lo Squartatore di New York) is a 1982 Italian giallo film directed by Lucio Fulci. The film score was written by Francesco De Masi, whilst the screenplay was written by Fulci, Gianfranco Clerici, Vincenzo Mannino and Dardano Sacchetti. It was banned in many countries or released as... Read More ›

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    Undead Pool aka Attack Girls’ Swim Team vs. The Undead (original title: Joshikyôei hanrangun) is a 2007 Japanese erotic comedy horror film directed by Kôji Kawano from a screenplay by Satoshi Owada (Cruel Restaurant). It stars Sasa Handa, Yuria Hidaka, Ayumu Tokitô, Mizuka Arai, Hiromitsu Kiba, Hidetomo Nishida, Sakae Yamazaki, Tôshi... Read More ›

    mondozillarSU66N53TVvbTWOo0JWC3zRWEBoxeohkNb.640x360.0girl_rebel_force_020150x94copyxnihombie! japanese zombie trilogy 3 dvd set switchblade picturesb640x600girlsrebelforceofcompetitiveswimmers03girlsrebelforceofcompetitiveswimmers02girlsrebelforce9attack_girls_3undead-pool4210672813mondozillarSU66N53TVvbTWOo0JWC3zRWEBoxeohkNb.640x360.0girl_rebel_force_020150x94copyxnihombie! japanese zombie trilogy 3 dvd set switchblade picturesb640x600girlsrebelforceofcompetitiveswimmers03girlsrebelforceofcompetitiveswimmers02girlsrebelforce9attack_girls_3undead-pool4210672813

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  • 07/18/13--08:24: Büyü (aka Dark Spells)
  • Büyü (aka Dark Spells) is a 2004 Turkish horror film directed by Orhan Oğuz based on a screenplay by Şafak Güçlü and Servet Aksoy. It stars Ece Uslu, Özgü Namal, İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Okan Yalabık, Nihat İleri and Dilek Serbest. The film was a surprise box office success, even though it received very poor reviews... Read More ›


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  • 09/11/13--03:45: Lady, Stay Dead
  • Lady, Stay Dead is a 1981 Australian film written and directed by Terry Bourke and starring Chard Hayward, Deborah Coulls and Roger Ward. Despite being an English-language horror film released at the height of the video boom, the film received only... Read More ›


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  • 09/23/13--11:55: Gutterballs
  • Gutterballs is a 2008 Canadian horror film written and directed by Ryan Nicholson  and starring Dan Ellis, Nathan Witte, Mihola Terzic, and Alastair Gamble. Tensions between two rival cliques boil over during an after-hours bowling session and a fight breaks... Read More ›

    mondozillagutterballsGUTTERBALLS 5gutterballs-bowling-pingutterballpic1gutterballs-screen3GUTTERBALLS 1gutterballs 2gutterballs_4mondozillagutterballsGUTTERBALLS 5gutterballs-bowling-pingutterballpic1gutterballs-screen3GUTTERBALLS 1gutterballs 2gutterballs_4

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    House on the Edge of the Park (Italian: La casa sperduta nel parco) is a 1980 Italian exploitation film from the Italian director Ruggero Deodato. It stars David Hess, Giovanni Lombardo Radice and Lorraine De Selle and features a musical score by Riz Ortolani. The entire film was shot in under... Read More ›

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  • 10/21/13--07:50: The Seasoning House
  • The Seasoning House is a 2012 British horror film directed by Paul Hyett and starring Rosie Day, Kevin Howarth and Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers).  Angel, a young girl that is forced to work in a house that specializes in supplying young prostitutes... Read More ›

    mondozillaThe-Seasoning-Houseseasoning 2sbthe-seasoning-house3maxresdefaultSeasoningHousemondozillaThe-Seasoning-Houseseasoning 2sbthe-seasoning-house3maxresdefaultSeasoningHouse

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  • 11/21/13--12:46: Frog-g-g!
  • Frog-g-g! (released in Japan as Frogman) is a 2004 American science fiction horror comedy film directed by Cody Jarrett. When a small US has its water supply contaminated, a United States Environmental Protection Agency agent must track down the cause and the monstrous frog that it creates. The... Read More ›


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    Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby is a 1976 TV movie directed by Sam O’Steen, and a sequel to the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby (which O’Steen edited). It has little connection to the novel by Ira Levin, on which the first film was based. It stars Stephen McHattie, Patty... Read More ›


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    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a 1931 American Pre-Code horror film directed by Rouben Mamoulian and starring Fredric March. The film is an adaptation of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), the Robert Louis Stevenson tale of a man who takes a potion which turns him... Read More ›

    j8mondozillaImagej00j2Jekyll and Hydej4j7j11j5j8j12BFI Poster for Rouben Mamoulian's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931)j1jgifjgif2j8mondozillaImagej00j2Jekyll and Hydej4j7j11j5j8j12BFI Poster for Rouben Mamoulian's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931)j1jgifjgif2

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  • 06/08/14--10:09: Kappa (folklore)
  •   Kappa (河童, “river-child”), alternatively called Kawatarō (川太郎, “river-boy”), Komahiki (“horse puller”), or Kawako (川子, “river-child”), are a yōkai (a class of supernatural monster) found in Japanese folklore, and also a cryptid. Their name comes from a mixture of the word “kawa” (river) and “wappo”, an inflection of “waraba” (child).  A... Read More ›


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  • 08/04/14--05:33: Bedevilled
  • Bedevilled (Hangul: 김복남 살인사건의 전말; RR: Kim Bok-nam Salinsageonui Jeonmal; literally. “The Whole Story of the Kim Bok-nam Murder Case”/Blood Island) is a 2010 South Korean horror/thriller film starring Seo Young-hee and Ji Sung-won. The film premiered as an official selection... Read More ›

    bedevilled3mondozillabedevilled posterbedevilled3Bedevilled_3_WEB-d3178review_bedevilled1bedevilled blubedevilledbdcap5_originalBedevilledCoverbedevilled3mondozillabedevilled posterbedevilled3Bedevilled_3_WEB-d3178review_bedevilled1bedevilled blubedevilledbdcap5_originalBedevilledCover

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    Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (originally: Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette – “Terror! The Castle of Cursed Women”) is a 1974 Italian horror film produced and directed by exploitation entrepreneur Dick Randall. It is very loosely based on the Mary Shelley novel... Read More ›

    frankenstein's castle of freaksmondozillafscoffrankenstein's castle of freaksfcoffcof4frankenstein's castle of freaks michael dunn lechingfcof2borisfcof8fcof3fcof10fcof15fcof16fcof17fcof18focf9fcof11focf11focf14fcof12frankenstein's castle of freaksmondozillafscoffrankenstein's castle of freaksfcoffcof4frankenstein's castle of freaks michael dunn lechingfcof2borisfcof8fcof3fcof10fcof15fcof16fcof17fcof18focf9fcof11focf11focf14fcof12

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  • 09/04/14--02:44: Deadly Strangers
  • Deadly Strangers is a 1975 film directed by Sidney Hayers (Circus of Horrors, Assault) and starring Hayley Mills (Twisted Nerve), Simon Ward (Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, The Monster Club) and Sterling Hayden (Venom).  Belle Adams (Mills) has narrowly avoided being raped by a scuzzball... Read More ›


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  • 09/28/14--07:20: Man Bites Dog
  • Man Bites Dog (French: C’est arrivé près de chez vous, It Happened in Your Neighborhood) is a 1992 Belgian darkly comic crime-mockumentary written, produced and directed by Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel and Benoît Poelvoorde, who are also the film’s co-editor, cinematographer... Read More ›


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    Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol (French pronunciation: ​[ɡʁɑ̃ ɡiɲɔl]: “The Theatre of the Big Puppet”) – known as the Grand Guignol – was a theatre in the Pigalle area of Paris (at 20 bis, rue Chaptal). From its opening in 1897 until its closing... Read More ›


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  • 11/07/14--07:11: House of the Witchdoctor
  • House of the Witchdoctor is a 2013 American horror film directed by Devon Mikolas, his first feature film. It stars newer names such as Callie Stephens (When the Lights Go Out) and Summer Bills as well as actors who have appeared in... Read More ›


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  • 03/10/14--05:33: Orang Minyak – folklore
  • The Orang Minyak is one of a number of Malay ghost myths. Orang Minyak literally means oily man in Malay. According to one legend, popularised in the 1956 film Sumpah Orang Minyak (The Curse of the Oily Man) directed by and starring P. Ramlee, the orang minyak was a... Read More ›


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